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About The Takeoff Toddler

The Takeoff Toddler is a character created by international writer, world traveler and mother Imani Bashir. The character, made in the likeness of her son, travels the world meeting new friends. Join the Takeoff Toddler as he helps children learn new cultures, foods, languages, history, and geography.



“My students loved Follow The Takeoff Toddler because it is an easy read. I have 3rd-5th Graders and they loved the pictures and how colorful the inner pages are.”

Erin Hutt, Educator (Delaware, USA)

“This book is the perfect way to get our children into reading. As a principal at an inner city school, trying to reach children in ways they respect can be challenging. This book opens them up to more experiences.”

Harold McCray, Elementary Principal (Washington, D.C.)

“The book is really good. I loved everything about it, especially from an educational standpoint. The phonetics, the foreign language, all of it can be use in a class setting.”

Latasha Carter, Elementary Principal

(Wuhan, China)

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